Zipper gapping machine
Automatic nylon zipper top & bottom teeth welding machine
Teeth welding on both zipper end, helps strength the zipper end. Suitable for nylon U top stop zipper production.
Product Details:
 Machine Name  Automatic nylon zipper top&bottom teeth welding machine
 Model  ZY-201N-D
 Average Output  2400PCS/18CM/H
 Power  1.65KW
 Voltage   220V
 Machine Measurement (M)  1.30*0.70*1.80
 Net Weight   171KG

Adopting the most mature and stable sound wave structure, the upper and lower teeth are fixed after the inch is
fixed, and the bad phenomenon caused by the chain shift is eliminated, which is especially suitable for the nylon 
U-type top stop supporting use.
1. Sophisticated ultrasonic structure;
2. Teeth welding on top and bottom end of zipper with gapping, which protects zipper from shifting;
3. Especially suitable for nylon U top stop zipper production.

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