Zipper teeth making machine
ZY-501M-K Metal Particle Teeth Assembly Machine
Machine Application: This single metal teeth assembly machine is stepping by piece by piece of individual teeth. 
                     Zipper with high quality widely used in luxious handbag, suitcase, luggage industry.  

Product Details:
Machine Name: Metal particulate teeth zipper assembly machine
Average Output: 80Y/H
Power : 0.70KW
Voltage : 220V
Machine Measurement(M): 0.94*0.48*1.56
Net Weight :  209KG

1. The machine can make high end zipper with teeth of different colors.
2. Easy to use and control.
3. Small size but precise structure and lower noise.
4. Avoids many defects of traditional teeth making machine with new accurate CNC operation system.
Zipper size:3# 4# 5# 7# 8# 10# 

Video :