Company Culture
1,  The pursuit

Our pursuit is to realize the wishes of customers in the field of zipper technology, and rely on bit by bit, perseverance and arduous pursuit. It is a professional enterprise in the zipper machinery industry.

2, Employees

Seriously responsible and managing effective employees is the wealth of our company. The employees of loyal enterprises are the basis for the common development of the company and employees;

Employees who regard the expertise of old employees but never leave behind are the inherent requirements for the sustainable growth of our business.

3,  The core technology

Extensively absorb the scientific research achievements of zipper technology in various places, learn from the excellent enterprises with humility, and develop their own core skills independently and creatively.

Technology and product series, using our professional core technology to stand on the industry.

4, the spirit 

To love the motherland, to love business, to love the family is the source of our cohesion. Innovative spirit, professionalism and unity and cooperation spirit are our corporate documents.

The essence of our enthusiasm, we firmly oppose corruption, oppose the mentality of materialism, and always adhere to the spirit of credibility and loyalty is the foundation of our business.

5,  Benefits

We advocate forming a community of interests among customers, employees and partners, and adopting a proper competitive approach in the competition of the same industry.Mutual harmony with employees,
users, suppliers and the industry is a high interest.

6, Responsibility

We take the zipper technology as the zipper to go all over the place, and strive to contribute more benefits to the society through the development of the company, for the national industry. Revitalization, and make
unremitting efforts for the professional development and life of 
all employees.

7, Customers

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers with excellent products, reliable quality, professional technology and excellent service.

With the quality and good reputation, we have gained universal praise and long-term trust from customers.

8,  Human capital

We emphasize that the goal of increasing value of human capital is prioritized over the goal of financial capital appreciation, with common values ​​and expertise.

The employees of the law are the company‘s major capital, constantly improving the spiritual realm of employees and the spirit of collaboration among them, and constantly 

improving the skills of employees. It is the basis for the company‘s financial capital and other capital appreciation.

9,  Production technology

Regularly update advanced machinery and equipment, master production materials in a timely manner, form processing methods and processes according to the characteristics of 

production, relying on advanced design Preparation, scientific production management mode, the formation of irreplaceable efficiency, high-quality mechanical production technology.

10,  Profit

We will set a profit target that is sufficient to support sustainable renewal and change, in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development and growth of our business, 

but not blindly pursue greater profits. And let members of our community of interests benefit from our profit results.

Zhenyu Zipper Machines Co Ltd five basic workers

First, clean

In our work environment, we clean the image of the company’s quality, including workplaces, venues, personal clothing, and individuals.

Health, diet, sanitation, environmental hygiene at the factory. Resolutely not discharging or polluting the surrounding environment is our basic social responsibility.

Second, neat
In our work environment, neatness is mainly reflected in the management of our hardware items, including buildings, equipment and tools.
production materials, office materials, etc. It is our basic work habit to make everything in a neat, orderly, and well-defined state management.

Third, progress

In our work environment, advancement represents the spiritual outlook of each of us, an important part of the working atmosphere, and our company.

The source of continuous improvement of the industry has enabled us to engage in every work and always believe in progress and continuous development. It is the
eternal life of our 
company and employees.

Fourth, the specification

In our work environment, the norm is a top priority. Mainly reflected in the management of the company‘s work, it includes product design

Specification, procurement item specification, production management specification, safety management specification, quality management specification,
business behavior 
specification, service management specification.Personnel management practices, etc. Let all the established, good, necessary, and 

appropriate methods be within the prescribed scope, and shape them into each In the system of item management.
Make all employees of our company work in a scientific 
and standardized environment.

Five Harmony

In our working environment, harmony is the desire of the enterprise and the realm of corporate culture. Harmony is mainly reflected between the enterprise and the employees.

Between the upper and lower levels, between departments and departments; harmony is mainly reflected between enterprises and suppliers, between customers, between communities,
enterprises.The key to harmony with society and government lies in the correct orientation of the core values ​​of the enterprise, the scientific management mechanism of the humanization
of the 
enterprise and High-quality, compliance-compliant employees are a major factor in the relative harmony within the company. a harmonious atmosphere of mutual respect, mutual support,
solidarity. It is our main force to solve the problem.